Leadership Consulting


Should leaders foster happiness? It’s not the mission of the average CEO, but Dr. Gregory’s leadership consulting is based on the principle that happiness is the mission that counts. His clients are change agents who know that true leadership is not about employing the latest domination technique. It’s about building resilient, humane organizations equipped to do extraordinary things during times of extraordinary change.

To achieve results, Dr. Gregory leads each client through an intensive assessment. Together, they diagnose the client’s individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the challenges facing his or her organization. They then cultivate the client’s ability to diagnose problems and manage change, asking questions, such as:  What innovative experiments can be run in this environment? Can we find opportunities for moonshots—those high leverage initiatives that deliver abundant benefits?

In his work, Dr. Gregory draws from disciplines of positive psychology, leadership development, cultural anthropology, innovation, storytelling, strategic facilitation, and executive coaching. While his practice is based in Boston, he works with clients in person, on-site, and on-line. He has consulted with clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe, including South Africa, Central America, and the UK.