Individual Psychotherapy via a Strengths-Based Approach

Many people assume happiness is a static state—an endpoint to achieve or a destination to arrive.  But what if the meaning of happiness changes for each of us every five to ten years? Research in the field of positive psychology shows that this indeed is the case. The science also shows that happiness is linked not to reaching external goals but to embracing our inner reserves of courage, hope, and optimism. 

Positive psychology is the foundation of Dr. Gregory’s practice. Using this approach, he encourages clients to go beneath the surface to find the roots of difficult patterns and behavior.  Along the way, his clients discover more joyful ways of living.

Dr. Gregory works with clients in person and online. This allows him to connect with clients both in Boston, where he is based, and around the world. He provides individual and couples therapy, including a special focus on clients coming from diverse backgrounds of identity, culture, and sexual-orientation.